Established in 2023 by Kiko Kurosawa-Grasa, Asylum Collective was formed to directly address and spur artistic revitalization in Seattle.
Originating from Kiko’s passion for community organizing, advocacy, art and the people that make it-- as well as the incredible hard work,
passion, experience and character of the Board-- our organization stands as a testament to creativity, community, and inclusivity.
Its physical manifestation exists to provide alternatives to the capitalist concept that in order to succeed and create connections, one must monetize experience, time, and community.The founding board members recognized the need to provide resources and spaces for aspiring and established artists who lacked access to art supplies and venues. In Seattle, there did not exist a single truly free space for artists to work, gather, and create.With this in mind, Asylum Collective was formed with the belief that art and community should be accessible to all.At Asylum Collective, we strive to foster an environment where artists of all backgrounds can thrive and flourish. Our mission is not only to host residencies, throw captivating shows that are open to anyone, regardless of ability to pay, or to legitimize the portfolios of performers and creators, but also to provide free educational and creative resources.Through initiatives like local and international artist residencies, free workshops and classes, a free café, and open “create” hours with truly free access to materials, we aim to eventually cultivate a global network of artistic exchange and collaboration.
Our culture is rooted in innovation, collaboration, and empowerment.
We celebrate diversity and hard work and encourage individuals to express themselves freely, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.As we continue to evolve and grow, we remain dedicated to our vision of creating a vibrant and inclusive artistic community.Join us on this journey as we explore the boundaries of creativity and support where people can not only survive, but thrive.

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Asylum Collective is a nonprofit that offers both in-person & virtual residency programs.
Our residencies are broken up into three main types:
Resident DJ
We offer residencies to up-and-coming & local legends alike. Over 8 weeks, we offer at least 4 headlining performances on Saturdays, with the chance for more; promotional material, such as artist write-ups and artist portraits, as well as extensive show promotion and poster design; one audio-video streamed and recorded set, which is posted, promoted and archived by Asylum, available for cross-posting to the artist's social media and 10% of both door and presale on nights of performance.Local Residency
Artists such as painters, sculptors, writers, musicians (and more!) get a 300-500 sq ft private studio with access 7 days a week for 1-3 months, paid for by Asylum. Asylum additionally provides portfolio material such as artist portraits and styling, piece photography, installation and artist write-up, & featured artist exhibition and art handling during Art Walk when residency is complete.Remote Residency
Artists of all kinds can apply for this, but is typically targeted towards new media & people working on projects like restoration, writing, mastering, AI, digital art, and VR. Some examples of ongoing residencies include artists in places such as Syria and Tibet collecting and finishing mix tapes or creating virtual artistic experiences in VR, including small video games.
We provide a small grant up to $500 for supplies, as well as extensive promotion, and allow artists to retain exclusive rights. We then help you distribute it accordingly, such as designing and printing or pressing a limited physical release for music or books, throwing a release party for distribution and providing artist & installation write-ups. Any pieces, copies, etc sold through/by Asylum in correlation with this residency allows artists to retain 100% of the profit.
These are also typically 1-3 month residencies, but have additional room for flexibility on length.
When are you accepting applications?Applications are always open and accepted on a rolling basis. We send out decisions during the first week of every month.When will my residency be?We are willing to work with artists based on their preferences and availability, but generally residencies start 6-10 weeks after an accepted application-- no sooner. Please plan accordingly!What's an "artist exchange"?Part of fulfilling our mission to better our community includes collaborating with artists who are interested in providing workshops and classes that are open to the public to offer low-barrier artistic enrichment for everyone, as well foster a safe environment for the artist to deepen their knowledge of their art and develop the skills to present, connect, and share their practice.
We ask artists to offer 1-12 pay-what-you-can public workshops / classes to benefit the space related to their art. Some examples would be leading a live model painting class; a small guitar class targeting youth; an open dance hour; etc. OR another offering to better the space for future artists. Some examples would be donating a pottery wheel; running sound once a week for the venue; offering proficient drafting and build-out for venue needs, such as repairs or new additions; painting a mural; etc. based on other strengths of the applicant outside of their artistic proposal or practice.
I'm new to art/medium/residencies and don't have a portfolio. What should I do?Take pictures of any art you've done before or submit examples of anything you'd written/recorded/etc., if possible, regardless of how "professional" it is. (iPhone pictures and SoundCloud links are totally OK.) Otherwise, provide examples of 'creative' works you've done (including school or work) or been a part of. We ask if there's no examples available for instead a short essay on why you're starting a new practice, what you're interested in doing, pieces or people that inspired you to pursue this new undertaking, etc. We strongly encourage you to practice with whatever medium you've chosen prior to applying.How many artists in residence do you have room for?Starting in January 2024, we have three (3) physical studio spaces available. Over the course of the year, we anticipate offering three to four (3-4) three-month residencies, twelve (12) one-month residencies, four (4) DJ residencies, and four (4) virtual residencies.Additional questions? Email us at